Official Howzat Rules

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Official Howzat Rules

Post by Cowboys on Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:57 am

Hello, and welcome to Howzat forums. We are a forum where you can discuss any sports that take you fancy! We are relaxed here with our general rules but we do need rules for Howzat to run smoothly. So, here are the rules. Please read them carefully and understand them.

No Excessive Swearing
Please don't just excessively swear. We do tolerate a little bit of swearing, but not heaps.

No Pornographic Content
Please don't post any pornographic content. You will be banned if you do.

No Racism
Please, no racism. You will be banned for it.

No Sexually Explicit Posts or Signatures
Don't sexual posts or signatures. You will banned without further notice.

Search Before Posting!
Please use the search function in the top right-hand corner of the forum.

No "Trolling"
Please don't "troll". "Trolling" is when some post off-topic messages hurt the feelings of the other members.

No Spamming
Please, don't spam. Spamming includes triple posting, posting irrelevant topics or posts, one word posting like "haha" or "lol!", replying to topics that are three older or more with no on-topic or positive response and posting irrelevant topics or posts.

No Harassing People via PM's or VM's or otherwise
Please don't harass people via private messages or visitor messages. You will be banned if you're caught.

No Back-Seat Moderating
Please, if you're a normal member, don't do a moderators job. Don't tell someone else off if you're not a moderator. You will be banned for 24 hours if you're doing it.

Only One Account Per User
Please, only have one account. Don't have 50,000. If you are found having more than one account, you will be banned for 24 hours and your other account(s) deleted.

No Advertising
Please don't advertise. But you can put these links in your signatures.

No Begging To Be A Moderator or Administrator
Please don't beg to be a moderator or administrator. You will become one by being a well respected member of the forum.

Don't question an administrator or a moderator. By posting you agree threads and/or posts can be edited, deleted or locked a will.

Administrators and moderators have the right to ban you IF necessary - you will get warning unless it's serious.

These rules are subject to change.

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